South Africa
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Join us for a Life Changing experience in South Africa.  

January 2-19, 2013.  

The Struggles of Apartheid and Social Justice – SOUTH AFRICA

From the perspective of both  literature and philosophy, this course will seek to understand the historical
and ongoing injustices that result from the South African implementation of apartheid.

This course will be taught in South Africa.   Students will earn 3 units of credit for this Interim Course 

Our group will meet up in Chicago and proceed to fly to South Africa.   We will arrange travel and airline tickets for you.

We will land first in Johannesburg and travel up  to the northern region of South Africa in Mavhusa interacting with the Shangani people.   This portion of the Jterm trip  will include a safari trip

into Kruger National Park.   The  second half of the course we will continue our journey in beautiful Cape Town. 

This course will include field study/visits to Table Mountain, Robin Island, Mandela Park and historic Apartheid sites.      



Jan 2 -  Travel from Chicago, IL  to South Africa.  

Jan 4 -  We will arrive in Johannesburg, SA

Jan 4-8 -  First part of the course will be based in Mahvusa...northern South Africa.   Daily interaction with culture and people of region

Jan 9-10 -   KRUGER National Park 

Jan 11 -  Fly from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Jan 11-18 -  Course will be based in Cape Town with daily Class.  Guest lecturers.  Visits to Table Mountain/Townships/Robin Island.

Jan 18 -  Return to Johannesburg and fly out to the USA

Jan 19 -  Arrive back in Chicago, IL  USA


 South Africa is located on the southern most tip of the exciting continent of Africa. This exciting educational experience  will radically impact your life.

Join Us In January

January 2-19, 2013


Humanities 382 – Humanities Seminar: “The Struggles,”
Apartheid and Social Justice – Literary and Philosophical Insights”

From the perspective of both literature and
philosophy, this course will seek to understand the historical and ongoing
injustices that result from the South African implementation of apartheid. The
course will rely heavily upon South African voices such as Alan Paton, J.M.
Coetzee, Beyers Naude and Nelson Mandela (3 credit hours).

Required Text:                         

Alan Paton, Cry the Beloved Country

J.M Coetzee, Life and Times of Michael K.

Jacques Derrida, ed. For Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, A Long Walk to Freedom

Other shorter reading selections will be made available

Course Description:

A humanities seminar centered on the themes of
justice, freedom, and forgiveness in the context of South Africa.

Course Learning  Objectives:    

   The student will understand the cultural
context of apartheid in South Africa through selections of its literature.

The student will be able to critically analyze the issues
surrounding justice, freedom, reconciliation and forgiveness within the
practices and consequences of apartheid from a biblically directed perspective. 

The student will visit important sites of the
struggle against apartheid.

The student will become aware of the legacy of
apartheid for South Africa current development as a democracy.


Partnering With

Matt Bonzo from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids will be teaching this course.

Matt has a Ph.D., Institute for Christian Studies at Free University
M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
B.S., Liberty University



      Trinity Christian College

      BIOLA University

      Cornerstone University GR